Behavioral Evaluation Threat 评估 Referral 信息

Individuals wishing to contact the BETA team should call (217) 875-7211 and ask to speak with any of the individuals listed as members. The BETA team will make every effort to respond to those requesting assistance in a timely manner. 另外, we strongly encourage you to complete the Behavioral Evaluation Threat 评估 Form at the bottom of this page.

Behavioral Evaluation Threat 评估 Team Members

Members of the Behavioral Evaluation Threat 评估 Team meet regularly, as well as in response to requests for assistance. Depending on the particular situation, other representatives (e.g. outside mental health professionals, legal counsel) may be asked to join the Team on an ad hoc basis. 除了, the Vice-President of Finance and Administration is available to consult with the team as necessary. The team also consists of two licensed social workers from Heritage Behavioral Health Center.

Dr. 艾萨克·祖尼加
Executive Vice President of Academic Services and 学生 Success
(217) 875-7211,分机. 6253

(217) 875-7211,分机. 6555

Behavioral Evaluation and Threat 评估 Referral Form

Send a concerned persons report by completing the form below.
  • Identify the Person 正规十大博彩娱乐 Whom You are Concerned

  • 确定自己

  • 报告性质

    Provide as much information as you can.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Observations of Appearance or Behavior

  • Issues Reported or Issues Know to You

    If a person appears ready to harm themselves or others, please immediately call 911 and report.